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Connect you 

with trustworthy

suppliers in China 



Based on the product and specification you provide, we shortlist you trustworthy manufacturers in China.

We focus on both product specifications and manufacturing process specifications.

Our sourcing specialists negotiate the best rate for you. 

We offer a complete logistics and shipping solutions. 

Samples will be sent to our office in Shanghai, where we inspect and ensure that the sample meets your requirement. 


On behalf of our clients, we visit, evaluate and maintain relationships with manufactures in China. 




Sourcing from China has clear advantages. The labor cost is comparatively low, and the supplier base is incredibly expansive. Compared to other low-cost destinations, suppliers in China boast much better manufacturing capabilities, efficiency, management sophistication, and customer service. 

By sourcing from China, your manufacturing cost will be vastly reduced; in the meantime, you will enjoy the competitive advantage of constantly staying up-to-date and thus providing better products. 

Traditionally, when you want to source from China, you would need to contract third-party resources to assist in the legal, product compliance, quality assurance, control, and logistics. You do not have to hire or contract a whole team for this. You have a better choice. 

Silkeskogen aims to reduce this pain point for you by offering you an all-inclusive solution. Services we offer range from identifying the supplier to requesting quotes, assessing quotes, negotiating prices, reviewing your designs, getting samples made, finalizing the supplier, overseeing the production process, inspecting quality, checking to package, and getting your consignment ready for shipping.

In a word, we minimize the risk, increase the efficiency in your sourcing process. Instead of doing endless research, comparing prices without a clue of how much it should cost in China, getting lost in translation and culture shock, you can now relax when you have a China sourcing expert right beside you and put your energy into other activities that boost your growth. 

Tell us about the product you would like manufactured. We will source the product and reply with a detailed quotation.

Sounds good? Contact us for a 30 min free consultation! 

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