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Award-winning Trilingual



   (English, Chinese, Norwegian)




Fully managed solutions for bringing your website to another culture, from multilingual Wordpress sites to complex architectures.

We localize the original files of your mobile app or desktop software and test them afterward, sparing you the trouble of copying and pasting.

We transcribe, translate, record, or create subtitles for your videos to cover the need of the targeted market.

The easiest way to be seen in your target market. We translate your message and ads for your on the search engines you prefer.


We translate all types of documents you need with efficiency and accuracy. Marketing materials, sales pitches, and training materials delivered ready for use in the targeted market.


Our skilled proofreaders remove all errors from your texts by eliminating all grammatical and linguistic errors as well as any unclear formulations.


In general, content written in Scandinavia languages must be translated to English before they are translated to Chinese, and vice versa. Most translation companies in the market offer a dozen language options but do not specialize in any. Sometimes, the marketing materials end up as a laughing stock after being translated by an incompetent translator who lacks deep understandings of a language and culture. 

We specialize in Chinese, English, and Norwegian and deliver translation with faithfulness, expressiveness, and elegance. 

Since 2008, our team member has been translating company profiles, marketing, and sales materials, books, software, training materials, etc., for international companies and publishing houses. One of the translated children's books from Norwegian to Chinese won the honor of "Best Translated Children's Book of the Year" in China. We take pride in what we do and believe we are the few in the market who can translate commercial and technical documents from Norwegian to Chinese or Chinese to Norwegian with precision. We are also the few in the market that can offer voiceover service for your videos at a reasonable price since we have all resources and expertise in-house.

Getting your material translated is the first step to approach a new market, and you want to be professional. Let us help you with content that your investors, customers, and partners understand and resonate with. 

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