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At Silkeskogen, our vision is to boost the communication between Scandinavia and China, also through books, arts and design. Since 2015, we have been building relationships and working with publishing houses, local agencies, writers, and illustrators, in China and Scandinavia.

Silkeskogen Agency 

Silkskogen is headquartered in Stavern, Norway and we also have an office in Shanghai, China.

We have expertise and resources in representing children’s and young adult authors, and illustrators. Thanks to our experienced agents, trilingual translators, and partners, we make sure that your books get published with quality. 


Our competitive advantages

  • Knowledge and resources of both Nordic and Chinese market 

  • Language expertise, award-winning trilingual translator in-house

  • Long-term relationships with Chinese editors from top publishing houses

  • Physical presence in both Norway and China

  • Extending partnership with Norwegian agencies and publishing house 


+47 4515 3106

+86 182 2124 6968



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